[Cosplay&More] – Lum / Lamu by the gorgeous Michela Cucchiella


michela cucchiella – Photo by Noryuki Wakabayashi


Lum Invader, known in Japan as simply Lum (ラム Ramu?),[1] is a fictional character and the female protagonist from Rumiko Takahashi‘s manga and anime series Urusei Yatsura.[2][3][4] She is often believed to be the protagonist of the series due to her iconic status. However, Takahashi has stated that Ataru Moroboshi is the main character.[4] She is named Lamu in Animax‘s English-language dub of the series, and in the Italian and French anime dubs as well; however she is still called “Lum” (pronounced with a long “u” per Spanish linguistic customs) in the Spanish anime dub. Her name is thought to come from popular 1970s swimsuit model Agnes Lum, as well as Rumiko Takahashi‘s nickname of “Rum” or “Lum” (from the interchangeable sound of the R’s and L’s in Japanese).[5]

Lum is considered a magical girlfriend, though significantly different from others such as Belldandy of Oh! My Goddess and Ai of Video Girl Ai. While the latter two are openly considered “ideal” women by the protagonists of their respective series, Ataru often indicates publicly that Lum is the opposite of ideal.[2]

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lum_Invader




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