[Cosplay&More] – DarkStalkers, Morrigan by Ju TSukino

Cosplay by Ju TSukino – Photo by Paper Cube

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Darkstalkers, known in Japan as Vampire (ヴァンパイア Vanpaia?), is a series of 2D fighting games developed and published by Capcom, beginning with Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (Vampire: The Night Warriors) in 1994. The series is set in a pastiche Gothic horror universe and features a highly stylized, cartoonish graphic style. It features characters based on either various kinds of monsters (the titular “darkstalkers”) or their hunters, who are all engaging in combat against each other. Darkstalkers introduced many of the concepts used in later Capcom fighting games, including its first use of 16-bit color animation sprites and gameplay mechanics later employed in the Street Fighter Alpha and Marvel vs. Capcom series.

Besides video games, the Darkstalkers media franchise also includes an anime miniseries, an American cartoon TV series, a Canadian comic book series, and many books of various kinds and other media released only in Japan. Some individual characters (usually the series’ mascots Morrigan and Felicia) appeared in the later Capcom games, as well as in a few crossover games released by other companies.

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darkstalkers

Morrigan Aensland

Cosplay by Ju TSukino – Photo by Paper Cube

Morrigan Aensland[note 1] (Japanese: モリガン・アーンスランド Hepburn: Morigan Ānsurando?) is a fictional character in Capcom‘s Darkstalkers series. Making her first appearance in Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors in 1994, she has since appeared in every game in the series and in various related media and merchandise, as well as in multiple video games outside the Darkstalkers line, including in most entries in both Marvel vs. Capcom and SNK vs. Capcom. In the series, she is a succubus and a powerful princess (later queen) of the demon realm Makai, who is very vain and lives for little more than the excitement of battle, but slowly takes up more of her royal responsibilities seriously despite her obsessive fascination with the human world. She has a sister-like split part named Lilith and a rival in Demitri Maximoff, and her moveset is reminiscent of Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter. She is central to the extended Darkstalkers franchise and is widely perceived as one of the most iconic Capcom characters as well as one of the most popular female characters in video gaming.

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morrigan_Aensland

Cosplay by Ju TSukino – Photo by Paper Cube





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