[Cosplay&Interview] – Calypsen Cosplay

The gorgeous @CalypsenCosplay

1. Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself? (Your name, birth date, where you’re from, where you live, your job (if you have another activity outside cosplay)?

[Marta] – I’m Marta, 21 years old computer graphics student. I live in one of the biggest cities of Poland- Poznan. I love dark chocolate, snowboard and playing with my chinchillas.

Nova Terra from StarCraft
Nova Terra from StarCraft – Model: Calypsen Cosplay – Photographer: Studio Zahora

2- How did you start doing cosplay?

[Marta] – It was 4 years ago. I was playing many games and I did my first costume for a con in my city.

Lara Croft
Lara Croft by the gorgeous @CalypsenCosplay – Photo by TheYinas

3- Do you make your own cosplays (costumes) ?

[Marta] – Yes. Very rarely I need to order some part I am not able to make, I used to promote sponsored costumes but all my armors are handmade by me.

Lady Arthas cosplay
Lady Arthas cosplay by the gorgeous @CalypsenCosplay

4- What do you like most about cosplay? What do you like less?

[Marta] – The best is entire process of creation and reactions of people to my work. Less is performing on a stage. Since I usually make uncomfortable costume cosplay contests always have been hard.

Bison Cammy
Bison Cammy from Street Fighter Cosplay by the gorgeous Calypsen Cosplay,

5- What is your favorite cosplay character ever?

[Marta] – Frodo from Lord of the Rings and Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman Cosplay
Wonder Woman Cosplay by the gorgeous @CalypsenCosplay – Photo by Ijidofoty

6- What are your current and future projects ? If you can tell us 😉

[Marta] – Currently working on Death Knight Sonya from hots.

Lady Arthas cosplay
Lady Arthas cosplay by the gorgeous @CalypsenCosplay

7- Do you have other passions, hobbies or talents ?

[Marta] – Yes. Many of them. I like to go to the cinema, I like cooking, baking cakes, snowboard, travelling and many more. 

Calypsen Cosplay
The gorgeous Calypsen Cosplay

8- A final word for our Cosplayinfinity readers or anything you would like to add?

[Marta] – As a cosplayer- respect yourself. And to cosplay fans- respect cosplayers and have fun at the convention!

Thank you very much Marta 🙂

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