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1. Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself? (Your name, birth date, where you’re from, where you live, your job (if you have another activity outside cosplay)?

My name is Aitana but all people know me for Ai-Chan my birth is in nineteenth of may. I’m from Spain and I live in Madrid , I just start to study designer, apart of cosplay I draw, sing, and travel a lot.

Touka Kirishima (Ghoul Mode) – Photo and edit: Newartistproyect

2- How did you start doing cosplay ?

I have started in cosplay sices 2015 in September because I stayed in one anime groups and they showed me what was the cosplay and one day they said to me: -HEY AI-CHAN!! We are going to go to one Con with cosplay, Are you coming with us? And this is the moment that I started in Cosplay and after then, I discovered this wonderful world

2B – Photo by: @jlmfotografo

3- Do you make your own cosplays (costumes) ?

Yes most of them by hand (only the bodysuits are the cosplays that I don’t make by myself) I sew all by hand without any sewing machine ( soon finally I’m going to have one 😭)

4- What do you like most about cosplay? What do you like less?

I like the process to do cosplay but the most thing that I like is when I finish my cosplay and release it in the cons and see all my friends, people, fans, photos..❤️ and the less is when I hurt myself at the time to do cosplay, maybe? 😂 or when I see that I haven’t the enough time to do it

Cindy Aurum – Photo by: @voadxphotography @voadxvisualartist

5- What is your favorite cosplay character ever?

2B of course, because it’s a incredibly character designer and also I love the game Nier Automata all the characteristics and personality of 2B.

Soraka Star Guardian From: @leagueoflegends Photo: @ErinnArt

6- What are your current and future projects ? If you can tell us 😉

My next cosplay is Aranea highwind from Final Fantasy XV (it’s my first armour 😬) and after do this cosplay I’m going to do Xayah SSG 💖

7- Do you have other passions, hobbies or talents ? 

yes I draw and sometimes sing , and of course travel , it’s the thing that I most love , knowing other countries and cultures 💖 and sports, I love play sports like volleyball or going to the gym 💪

8- A final word for our Cosplayinfinity readers or anything you would like to add?

yes, cosplay is for all, no matter what type of body, face or height you have, cosplay is to pass a good time with people, sharing and changing ideas 💪💖

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Ai-Chan Cosplay


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