CosplayinfinityAward 2018 ! Contest Rules & Conditions

CosplayInfinityAward 2018
CosplayInfinityAward 2018

[Contest CosplayinfinityAward 2018]

Dear Cosplayers,

Enter competition to win the #CosplayinfinityAward 2018 Edition !


Contest Rules & Conditions


1 – CosplayInfinityAward is a free contest.  The contest is open to all cosplayers in the world over 18 years old.

2- The contest runs from October 1 to December 31, 2018.

3 – Participant agree to appear on Cosplayinfinity publications.

4 – To enter competition, you must provide between 2 (minimum) and 4 photos (maximum) of your cosplays by November 15, 2018. Please submit your pictures by DM (private Twitter message).

5 – Each participant declares to have the necessary authorization for the diffusion of the submitted photos.

6 – CosplayInfinity reserves the right to delete offensive photos or discriminating. Unpleasant comments will be reported.

7 – CosplayInfinity can not be held responsible for a human or computer error. In case of force majeure, CosplayInfinity reserves the right to modify the present regulations, postpone or cancel the contest. It can not be held liable for these changes.

Course of the contest

8 – During the month of December, the photos submitted by the cosplayers will be published on @Cosplayinfin (twitter account).

9 – The cosplayer who gets the most important number of likes and retweets by December 31, will win the award.

10 – The winner will be announced on January 1, 2019 !


11 – The winner will get his/her pictures published (Cosplayinfin) once, daily, during the week following the contest.

12 – A personalized award (CosplayInfinity Award 2018) will be made with the name of the cosplayer on it and will be sent to him/her as soon as possible (after realization and delivery).


13 – Participation in this contest implies the acceptance of this regulation by the competitors. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the application. Any dispute concerning the interpretation and the application of the present rules will be studied by the organizers, sovereign in their decision, in the spirit which prevailed at the conception of the contest.

CosplayInfinityAward – 2nd edition.




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